AC Maintenance In Dawsonville, GA

AC Maintenance In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas

AC Maintenance In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas

With an average summer temperature of around 90 degrees, it gets hot in Dawsonville, GA. Add in the humidity and it can be downright uncomfortable. Staying cool is imperative and you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home or business as comfortable as possible.

The last thing that you want is for your AC to quit working or to malfunction when you need it most. That’s why it’s so important that you have your AC maintained by a licensed HVAC company like Lakeside Heating & Air.

We provide excellent AC Maintenance in Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas.

Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

In general, an air conditioner will last for somewhere between 15 and 20 years before it needs to be replaced. However, if you fail to maintain it properly, that number can dramatically drop to 10 years or less. In addition, lack of maintenance can lead to problems with the air conditioner that will require repairs. Both replacement and repairs can be expensive. Maintenance helps keep your air conditioner running longer and helps reduce the need for costly emergency repairs.

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

For most homes, it’s sufficient to have your air conditioner professionally maintained once a year. The best time to schedule an AC maintenance appointment is either at the end of the season or at the beginning of the season. If your air conditioner is older than 10 years old, or it’s had issues in the past, you may want to have it professionally maintained twice a year.

What Happens During AC Maintenance?

During an air conditioner maintenance appointment, the technician will begin by asking you questions about how your unit is functioning. Be sure to mention any concerns you have about your AC and any issues you’ve noticed. From there, your technician will take the time to thoroughly inspect your unit to check for any problems or potential problems. This will include all of the components, both inside and outside your home.

You can expect the following during a routine air conditioner maintenance visit:

  • Air Filter ReplacementAC Maintenance In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas
  • Thermostat Accuracy Check
  • Lubrication of Moving Parts
  • Electrical Connection Check
  • Fan and Motor Check
  • Cleaning Evaporator & Condenser Coils
  • Cleaning Dust & Debris Within the Unit
  • Flushing & Cleaning the Condensate Drain
  • Inspecting the Exhaust Outlets
  • Checking Fuel Lines & Connections

How Long Will a Maintenance Appointment Take?

We realize that your time is valuable, and we don’t want to inconvenience you in any way. We do our best to make sure our maintenance checks are done as quickly as possible, but we won’t sacrifice quality. We would rather spend a little more time to make sure everything’s right than to rush through the job. That said, on average, you can expect a regular AC maintenance check to take around an hour.

Will I Need to Schedule a Repair Appointment?

AC maintenance appointments aren’t just about having your unit inspected, they’re also designed to mitigate future issues.  If we find anything that is out of line during our routine maintenance visit, we’ll take care of the repairs on the spot. You never have to wait for another appointment to get any repairs done, which is one of the biggest advantages of having a regular maintenance schedule.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment Today

Don’t let unexpected air conditioner problems in the summer months catch you by surprise. Let the experts at Lakeside Heating & Air perform a thorough maintenance check on your AC so that you and your family stay comfortable no matter what the temperature is outdoors. Give us a call at (770) 654-6641 or contact us online to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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