Ductless AC Service In Dawsonville, GA

Ductless AC Service In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC Service In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas Dawsonville, Georgia sits less than an hour north of Atlanta and sits at the base of the North Georgia Mountain. The area enjoys mild winters, but there are always several weeks when the temperatures dip below freezing, and the snow falls every couple of years.

Summers roar into the area in the early spring and last until the fall. In the middle of the summer, you’re faced with sweltering heat and high humidity. You depend on your home’s ductless AC to keep your family comfortable. However, there’ll come a time when you need ductless AC service in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Most Common Ductless AC Service Needed in Dawsonville, Georgia

You need your ductless AC to be in tip-top shape when summer hits. However, as it ages, you may find that it needs service from time to time to keep it running properly. Here’s a look at some of the most common ductless air conditioner service calls.

  • Recalibrate or replace thermostat: You may notice that the unit cycles on and off quickly without getting the room cold. This could be an issue with one of the two thermostats that control the operation.
  • Clean air filters: It’s the job of your air filters to catch the dirt and debris coming into the system with the air. When it becomes clogged, it can cause a variety of issues that need a technician to repair.
  • Add Coolant: Since each unit in every room in your home has coolant in it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that adding coolant is a frequent service call.
  • Replace or repair blower motor: When you turn on one of the units in your home and no air comes out, it’s possible that the blower motor needs to be repaired or replaced..

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