HVAC Repair Dawsonville, GA

Top Quality HVAC Repair in Dawsonville, GA!

Lakeside Heating and Air have been providing HVAC services for over thirty years. We’re the leading contractor because we provide 24×7 service and emergency service scheduling. Since our establishment, Lakeside’s only goal has been to fulfill all the HVAC needs of Dawsonville, GA residents. Whether you have a broken AC or need an AC replacement in Dawsonville, we’re ready to give you an affordable service that will last several years!

Our dossier includes installations, replacements, repairs, and servicing of all types of HVAC units. All our services can be scheduled online, through our website portal, or using our phone number. 

Why are we the Leading HVAC Service?

  • Team of Experts: Our team of technicians includes some of the best in the county. These technicians have to undergo compulsory initial training to ensure they can provide all our customers with top-of-the-line service. Our technicians also undergo regular seminars and discussions to share any new problem they might have encountered so the rest of the team can solve it together.
  • Value Pricing: Everyone wonders whether they’ve gotten their money’s worth when it comes to repairs. With Lakeside, you don’t have to worry. We use 100% authentic material that will last long. These come from popular brands that have proven their quality at the national level. We also keep our services at the market price, so you don’t have to pay extra.
  • Financing Options: We understand how important HVAC repairs are. But if you don’t have the budget, it is impossible to meet these needs. For such cases, we provide exceptional financing options that include hassle-free and minimum monthly payment option. 
  • Maintenance Plans: Booking HVAC services every few months can get tiring, but Dawsonville residents can sign our maintenance plans. This plan comes with bi-yearly free maintenance and inspection. Our technician will inspect the coils, filters, and all other parts during this visit and inform you of your system’s condition.

What Type of Systems do we Look at?

Our most popular service is heating repair in Dawsonville, GA, and for this, we provide services in all types of buildings. Our specialties, however, are:

  • Residential: Our services for residential buildings include inspections, installations and repairs. We provide services to landlords who want to inspect the HVAC work of the entire building and apartment owners or renters who want their HVAC work inspected or repaired.
  • Commercial: It is virtually impossible to know whether the HVAC unit has a problem when you’re signing a business lease. Moreover, with a business to learn, these are trivial matters. Thankfully, we provide inspection services that will help you find out your HVAC system’s condition before you sign the lease. We can also serve you with a maintenance and servicing contract.

Our Related Services

We also provide various other furnaces, heat pump, Air Conditioning and air quality services for HVAC repair in Dawnsonville, GA. You can schedule your service now by calling (770) 654-6641.