Furnace Service In Dawsonville, GA

Furnace Service In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas

Lakeside Heating and Air have been dedicated to providing top-quality and long-lasting services to the community of Dawsonville since our establishment. We have years of experience in providing HVAC service, and through this time, we’ve gained expertise in dealing with all types of furnaces, AC, boilers and other systems.

Lakeside’s biggest selling point has always been that we provide services to all types of systems and residences. But, currently, we’re most popular for providing furnace repair in Dawsonville, GA. This service can be scheduled on call or through our website’s portal.

Why are we the leading HVAC Service?

  • Exceptional Team: We’re extremely proud of our in-house technicians who have been trained and licensed to provide HVAC services. Our team is proud to have some of the best technicians you can find anywhere in the county. They are experienced in troubleshooting all types of problems in furnace systems.
  • Budget-friendly Prices: Prices of all our services – whether installations or repairs – are kept at a fair and market price. We aim to serve our patrons with a budget-friendly service so that they never have to compromise on the indoor air quality of their homes.
  • Quality: The quality of our service is what sets us apart from our competitors. We always use name-brand products from manufacturers who have proven to be trustworthy. Before any installation, our technicians will readily inspect all materials so that no customer gets a faulty product.
  • Maintenance Plans: We also provide excellent maintenance plans for all HVAC systems. These include bi-yearly visits that are free. Our visiting technician will inspect the filters, coils, Freon and other parts. If you wish to replace a unit during this period, we also offer discounts for parts and units.

What Type of Systems Do We Look At?

Lakeside Heating and Air are extremely flexible! This means we don’t rigidly provide services to only one customer base! We’re constantly expanding and learning and will slowly cover all types of buildings. Currently, we provide HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA, to the following types of buildings:

  • Residential Buildings: Residential buildings require their HVAC system to work 24×7. If this doesn’t happen, it can get difficult for all residents and pets. So, for this reason, we provide emergency services for all residential buildings, which include same-day service. We can also help all landlords and residents install new units or replace old ones.
  • Light Commercial Buildings: Light commercial buildings require their HVAC system to be on point during working hours. It is impossible to detect faults beforehand, and when the system causes problems at the last minute, Lakeside Heating and Air are there to save the day. We provide all types of emergency services, and we also provide inspection services that you can hire before you sign a lease on your office.

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We also provide various other furnace repair in Dawsonville. You can schedule your service now by calling (770) 654-6641.

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