Air Conditioner Sounds That You Must Be Aware Of!

Air Conditioner Sounds That You Must Be Aware Of!

Spending summers without an air conditioner is as challenging as surviving winters without heaters. 

 So, before the problems with your air conditioner go from bad to worse, it is better to contact an air conditioning repair, at the earliest!  

An electrical appliance works smoothly and perfectly when it is fit and fine. If the machine starts making noise, it is not a good sign! 

These are warning sounds. They indicate something is wrong and it needs some repairing. Like said earlier, before a tiny problem becomes a massive issue, immediately call the expert AC contractor in Dawsonville, GA

Weird Sounds mean Weird Problems!   

Here is a list of all the noises and sounds that an air conditioner makes that need immediate attention. Make a mental note and take the appropriate steps to resolve it. 

 The Loud Rattling and Clunking Noise 

If your air conditioner is making loud rattling banging or rattling noise, maybe the problem is with the condenser. It is an indication of a broken condenser or the motor fan. Other problems that cause this noise are – loose screws or a dirty condenser. Try fixing these first. If the noise continues, maybe the culprit is a broken condenser. 

The Terrifying Hissing Noise 

If your air conditioner is making a hissing kind of noise, there could be many reasons. Leaks in the refrigerant lines, or compressor valve, or high-pressure compressor may be the culprit. 

There is no quick fix for this. 

 The Bubbling kind of Noise 

There is confusion between bubbling and gurgling types of noise. However, both of them indicate the same problems. Either there is a fault in the sealing of refrigeration lines. Or there is an excess of moisture stored in the AC. The humidity collected by the AC from your home is not getting out. It may be because of a damaged condenser pump. 

The Horrifying Screeching Noise

There are various reasons behind this kind of noise. They are loose motor fan bearings, faulty fan belts, or high pressure in the compressor unit. The reason needs instant lookout, especially the last one. High pressure inside the compressor can even lead to massive explosions! 

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