Prepare Your HVAC System For The Coming Winter Season

Prepare Your HVAC System For The Coming Winter Season

It is important to ensure your furnace and heating equipment is prepared to efficiently heat your home this season when you take the right steps to maintain, test, and secure it. Lakeside Heating and Air is an HVAC company you can trust with all your HVAC needs. We provide all the services from air conditioning installation to furnace repair in Dawsonville, GA.

By following the below given steps, you can take good care and keep your household warm with a reliable HVAC system  that performs well all winter long

6 Steps to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter.

Pre-winter HVAC preparation is essential to ensure you remain comfortable in winter. Six simple steps will make this job easy for you.

1. Inspect the HVAC Before Use

You should visually inspect the entire HVAC system. The inspection must cover the condenser, evaporator coil, refrigerant line, air filter, drip pan, drain lines, blower, electrical connections, etc. During the inspection, you should ensure that these parts are clean and defect-free.

If you find deteriorating insulation, replace it without wasting a minute. If you find any fault in electrical connections, do not handle the problem yourself; contact the electrician.

2. Clean the Unit for Restriction-free Air

The weak or powerful airflow depends on how clean your furnace or mini split is. Dirt, debris, pollen, etc., can cause clogging and restrict the heating. Therefore, you should clean the entire HVAC unit.

If you haven’t scheduled an air duct cleaning service for more than three years, you should immediately schedule a duct cleaning service. Dirty air ducts are the root cause of refrigerant leakage and poor indoor air quality.


3. Replace the Filter for Better Air Quality

An air filter plays a prominent role in providing fresh air and blocking the entrance of dirt into the system. However, the air filter can do this task only if it is clean.

That is why you should replace the dirty air filter of your heating unit before winter. The air filters usually need replacement once every 2-3 months. If your system has a washable filter, clean and wash it well before using your heating unit during winter.

3. The Outcome Depends on the Thermostat

The room temperature you will have during winter entirely depends on the temperature settings on the thermostat. So, make sure you set it accurately.

You can also install a programmable thermostat for automatic temperature settings. A programmable thermostat is helpful in many ways. On the other hand, a non-programmable thermostat demands your attention frequently for temperature settings.

4. Test the HVAC Before Winter

To observe its performance, you should turn your HVAC ON during fall or mild winters. If it is not working well, you can schedule with Lakeside Heating and Air for an HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA, before the winter arrives. Keep your HVAC system on mode for at least one week before the winter.


5. Schedule a Maintenance Service

An HVAC tune up is an extremely helpful service that enhances equipment performance. You should schedule this service during fall to ensure whether you need a furnace repair. If you happen to live in Dawsonville, GA, and are looking for a reliable HVAC company, contact Lakeside Heating and Air for all of your systems’ requirements. A maintenance service twice a year guarantees top-quality performance, fewer repairs, and additional years of hassle-free HVAC usage.



HVAC systems are designed efficiently enough to handle all weather or temperatures. However, it is still recommended that we should prepare our heating units for the coming winters.

Lakeside Heating and Air is a locally owned and 30 years old HVAC company that you can trust with all your HVAC needs. We provide all the services from air conditioning installation to furnace repair in Dawsonville, GA. Schedule service with us today and experience 100% satisfaction.