Contact SOS A/C If You Need AC Contractors in Plantation

Contact SOS A/C If You Need AC Contractors in Plantation

Consider getting your air conditioner serviced just before the start of the warm weather season. Having our AC contractor in Dawsonville, GA, performs routine maintenance on your HVAC system is one way to ensure your air conditioner’s effectiveness. Preventive maintenance is the simplest way to ensure your AC system is prepared to handle the heat.

Benefits of Selecting Us As Your Plantation AC Contractors Include:

Inspection by a Professional

The best thing about working with knowledgeable and experienced technicians is that they thoroughly inspect your air conditioners. Due to the technician’s ignorance during the preliminary inspection, you won’t experience another issue two weeks from now.

Making Appointments Whenever it is Convenient For You

The summer is the busiest time for AC repair in Dawsonville, GA, and scheduling an appointment with a specialist can be challenging. With us, you will be happy to learn that you can schedule appointments at a convenient time, in addition to receiving appointments right away.

Constant Availability

You can have your air conditioner repaired whenever you have the time, thanks to the 24 x 7 availability of air conditioning repair. It doesn’t have to be repaired while you’re away from work or a significant event. You need to call whenever you have the chance!

One-Time, Hassle-Free Solution

Select the best company for your air conditioning repair from the start and take pleasure in a simple, effective solution. The financial burden of ongoing maintenance is one consideration, but frequent trips to the same place for the same issue can also be irritating and significantly disrupt your daily routine. Nobody wants to squander their time fixing the same problems repeatedly.

Response Time and Effective Customer Service

You can always get help with your air conditioner thanks to a live customer service department. An air conditioner in perfect working order often will have improper cooling because it is set to the wrong mode or temperature.

Bill Payment Cost Reduction and Environmental Sustainability

It is becoming increasingly vital to be aware of the condition of your air conditioners as the effects of global warming worsen. Excessive electricity use from faulty air conditioners can result in higher electricity costs. Because there should be an efficient use of electricity to prevent resource depletion, this excessive electricity usage is also bad for the environment.

Long-Term Cost-Efficient Solution

By choosing us for AC repair in Dawsonville, GA, you can fix the issue during the initial visit and only pay for the repair once, saving you money over the long run. You risk paying for multiple maintenance and repair visits if you choose unprofessional businesses.

Extended Air Conditioner Life

The performance and lifespan of your air conditioners can be significantly impacted by prompt maintenance and repairs. Numerous problems can be diagnosed, and you can take care of them before they worsen and necessitate more expensive repairs. Therefore, be sure to schedule your air conditioning repair proactively.


Lakeside Heating & Air factory-trained, NATE-certified AC contractor in Dawsonville, GA, will ensure your system is functioning correctly and assist in identifying any potential problems. Our staff is qualified to service HVAC equipment from any manufacturer, and we focus on carrier products.

Call us at 770-654-6641 or drop us an email to save thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs by performing routine maintenance on your central air conditioning system.