How Do You Diagnose Central Heating Problems?

How Do You Diagnose Central Heating Problems?

Issues with your central heating system can arise when you least expect it. Most people turn off the heating system during the summer, and because it stays idle for a few months, it may be susceptible to faults. 

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As a safety precaution, do not try DIY system repairs. Let professionals do the job and save you from major damage.

1. Tips for identifying Central Heating Problems

To identify faults in your heating system, keep an eye out for problems and call a professional as soon as possible.

• The Thermostat Won’t Turn On

There can be several reasons for your thermostat failing to activate. However, before calling a professional, you can check if the switch is on, the circuit breaker is in power, or the control board is working. You can turn on the switches and power to run your system again.

• The Heater is On, But Cold Air is Blowing Out

If your heater and thermostat are on and still cold air flows around, it could be an ignitor issue. A defective ignitor, a faulty fan control switch, or a broken blower could be the reason behind the malfunction.

• Unexpectedly High Energy Bills

In all cases, the high energy bills trace back to an overworking system. Since the heating system has to maintain a certain temperature, and the airflow is restricted due to dirty air filters and leaking ducts, your system overloads.

• The Thermostat Controls are Stuck

If you face issues while adjusting the temperature and fan settings on the thermostat, it could be due to faulty wiring or tripped circuit. You can try changing the batteries if you have a digital thermostat or set it to default again.

• Uneven Heating Throughout the House

Issues with ducts, fan motors, blowers, and filters can lead to uneven heating in your home, which can be experienced between the upper and ground floor or room to room.

• Burning Smell from the Unit

It is normal to find a burning smell after months of your system sitting idle. It can indicate clogged air filters and a broken internal coil system. Therefore, turn off or unplug the heating system.

• Unwanted noise coming from the unit

Your system could have a broken internal connection and loosened circuits, which are clear reasons for the strange rattling, popping, hissing, and banging sounds coming from your heating system. Call a professional before an accidental electric blaze or gas leakage occurs. If you are looking furnace service Dawsonville GA contact Lakeside Heating & Air  for the best services. 


2. Tips for Tackling the Small Issues on Your Own.

Sometimes, it is a slight mistake that you can solve on your own without needing the experts. Such solutions are below:


• Check the Power Switch

In most cases, when the system is not turning on, it is due to the mistakenly turned off switch. You might forget to press the switch, so check the power buttons before calling for help.

• Clean the Filters

Clean and unclog the air filters, so the airflow increases and your system returns to normal functions. It will help in maximizing the efficiency of your system.

• Set the Right Temperature On the Thermostat

One more sustainable step you can take is installing a programmable thermostat. Such smart devices can help adjust the temperature with your phone and save energy when not in use.


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