What You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Replacement

What You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Replacement

What to Know Before Air Conditioning Replacement

Dawsonville experiences a summer like any other. The glaring sun can make temperatures rise to an uncomfortable 90 degrees. This time would surely be bad for a major problem to crop up in the air conditioning system, be it at home or work. Air Conditioners can become unpredictable once it reaches its tenth year of usage. This fact is made even worse as most technicians say that even well-maintained and regularly serviced air conditioners can only last for the same time. 

Once this time is up, one will have to “put down” the AC and invest in a brand new model. This part will require the services of one of the many enterprises offering AC replacement in Dawsonville. In addition to the age factor, there are also a few other factors that have to be considered. An AC is said to be on its last legs and in need of replacement if it possesses the following features: 

Thermostat Malfunctioning

The thermostat is the component of the air conditioner. This component can relay information to the cooling system to come on or shut off depending on the external temperature. Any damage caused to this component can lead to a misreading in the temperature of the thermostat. Therefore, the air conditioner will not function at the desired temperature. 

Overburdened Capacitors

Capacitors are internal devices that function to keep the various motors of the unit running. They also work in collaboration with another device known as Contactors. Overworking these components can lead to them getting heated and, thus, a decrease in their functionality. This can take place more frequently in the summer as the system will be working on overdrive. 

Clogged Coils

The coils are present in the Air Conditioner as a conversion point. That is, it cools hot air and decreases the temperature of the room. However, these coils receive the air from filters. AC filters are exposed to a significant amount of dirt and will therefore get clogged. After this happens, no warm air will reach the coils, and they will get frozen. 

 Electrical Problems

Wiring and Circuitry can be greatly affected by the external elements it is exposed to while it functions. This will then lead to a loose connection between the various components present in the system. 

Leaking Refrigerants

The coils mentioned above contain this liquid in their hollow shells. This special liquid helps the coil to convert the hot air into the desired temperature. However, a crack or hole in the coil will lead to the leaking of this refrigerant which will further result in inefficient cooling. 

One should also consider aspects like the space that requires cooling and the cost of the unit, and installation services. Replacing an entire AC unit can be quite an undertaking both financially as well as practically. A new AC unit can cost up to 4,000 dollars without even considering the installation cost. To make this process and one’s summer easier, one can visit the Lakeside Heating and Air website to book their services involving AC Replacement in Dawsonville and AC repair in Dawsonville, GA.