Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Wrong?

Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Wrong?

Installing a heat pump can cost you a lot in Dawsonville, but the money invested in a heat pump is worth it. A heat pump is versatile, less costly, and more energy-efficient than a central air conditioner or furnace. 

During the oppressive summer and freezing winters, your heat pumps should only provide warm and cool air with no foul odors. If it makes you uncomfortable due to bad odors, it’s time for heat pump services in Dawsonville, GA.

Common Heat Pump Smells And Their Reasons:

Dirty Socks Smell

If you smell a dirty sock, whenever you use a heat pump, don’t look here and there for the socks as your heat pump produces the smell. The reason can be mold growth on the evaporator. Wet coils also generate the smell when the moisture burns. 

Those who schedule heat pump maintenance services yearly do not have to go through this smell. However, scheduling an annual tune-up will fix this problem. 

Keeping your heat pump clean and scheduling timely air duct cleaning also prevent this problem, as dirt accumulation can lead to dirty sock syndrome in the heat pump. Do not neglect mold growth as it restricts airflow and degrades air quality.

Rotten Smell 

When your heat pump smells like something is rotten, it may be due to a broken sewer line. When the sewerage is improper, it is common to smell something like this. 

The sewer needs to be fixed immediately as this smell can become unbearable with time and give you a headache. Poor sewerage also leads to many diseases. Contact a plumber for the sewer repair.

Something is Burning 

It is one of the most familiar smells in almost all the HVAC equipment and heat pumps. This smell indicates that an electrical wiring or any electrical plastic component in the heat pump is melting. 

This smell is alarming as it also warns against fire mishaps. Turn off your heater soon after you smell a rubber component burning from your heat pump and contact the technician.

You Smell Sulfur

The reason for smelling sulfur is an extinct species in the heat pump. When any tiny species enters the heat pump and dies there, the heat pump produces a sulfur smell. Cleaning the heat pump will fix the problem.

Fish Like Smell 

When your heat pump gets overheated, or any of its plastic components melt, it produces fish smells. There can be some mechanical damage too. Consulting a technician for the inspection is recommended in this situation. Do not delay in treating this smell issue.

If your heat pump makes your indoors smelly and unpleasant, let Lakeside Heating and Air fix it. We provide heat pump, furnace, and AC service in Dawsonville, GA, and North Atlanta. 

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