10 Helpful Tips On How To Improve HVAC System Efficiency

10 Helpful Tips On How To Improve HVAC System Efficiency

According to specialists, HVAC systems account for 30-40% of a building’s energy use. As a result, whether you are a homeowner, a facility manager, or a business owner, you must improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and reduce overall electricity consumption. 

Tips for Boosting HVAC Efficiency

Keep the Condenser Unit Clean.

Keep your outdoor unit free of debris to run it more efficiently. An HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GAprofessional, should perform a more thorough, in-depth cleaning.

Replace Air Filters Regularly.

Pollen, pet fur, dirt, and dust collect in air filters, so changing them is essential. Replace the air filters once a month in the summer and twice to three times a year in the winter, as directed by the furnace or filter manufacturer.

Indoor Vents should be Vacuumed and Unblocked as much as Possible.

To maintain consistent airflow from your system, vacuum dirt, dust, and debris away from indoor supply vents. It should also keep furniture, blinds, and toys away from the vents.

Change the Temperature on your Thermostat by a Few Degrees.

Changing the temperature on the thermostat according to the season can save money and energy. Use a smart thermostat to set the temperature for different times of the day or when you’ll be gone for several hours.

Keep Heat-Producing Devices like Lamps away from your Thermostat.

Keeping heat-producing appliances close to your thermostat will signal that the air in your home needs to be cooled more. As a result, the system will have to run longer and work harder than it needs to, often requiring AC repair in Dawsonville, GA.

Make Sure your Drain is Clear.

The indoor cooling coil has a drain. If your drain line becomes clogged, keeping it clear can prevent your basement from flooding. 

Make Use of Curtains and Blinds.

When the summer sun shines directly on your windows, closing your blinds or curtains will keep at least some heat from entering your home. During the cooler months, take advantage of the sun’s free solar heat by leaving the blinds or curtains open on south-facing windows during the day. 

Make Use of the Fans.

Ceiling fans can help regulate indoor temperatures in both the summer and winter. When the sun shines brightly, fans help cool the skin and make it feel less hot. Switching fans to a clockwise, circular motion on cold days helps push hot air from your heater back down to the floor.

Don’t Use the Dryer and Oven During the Day.

When you use a dryer or oven, warm air is drawn into your home, forcing your air conditioner to work harder.

Insulate any Exposed ductwork.

Ensure that the ductwork that runs through an unconditioned space is sealed correctly so that no conditioned air escapes. Visible leaks can be repaired with duct tape, but ensure the ductwork is checked by a professional who performs AC repair in Dawsonville, GA, during your next scheduled maintenance visit. 

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