How Many HVAC Tune-Ups Are Too Many?

How Many HVAC Tune-Ups Are Too Many?

We know that our HVAC systems need to be tuned up regularly, yet we ignore it because it is working fine. Finally, when the machine has completely broken down, we start looking for HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA.

This costs more because now the whole unit has to be repaired and not just some parts. Therefore, it is wise to listen to the instructions given by our HVAC service providers and go for regular servicing.

But, one question remains. How many HVAC tune-ups are too many? Here we answer that question for you.


You should at least schedule one tune-up for both your heating and cooling units separately in a year. You can schedule a service during spring, just before summer sets in for your air conditioner, while fall is perfect for tuning up your heating system.

Your HVAC system also gives you a few hints that indicate you should start looking for air conditioning repair in Dawsonville, GA.


If your HVAC system cannot set the temperature according to your needs, it is a sign that it needs a tune-up. Another indication is when it keeps switching on and off at intervals. These are major signs that you should look for HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA.


Unclean air, consisting of dust, or pollutants means that the filter is not functioning properly. Your air filter may be clogged up due to which you experience dirty air or a bad smell. Immediately look for HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA, if you experience any of the above. Regular tune-ups keep your HVAC systems in good shape and prevent clogging up filters due to dust or debris.

A sudden shoot up in electricity bills

HVAC systems, both heating and cooling, consume a lot of energy, driving up your electricity bills. But, if at any time you find the bills to be higher than expected, it might be a good time for a system tune-up. The surge in electricity bills can be due to friction in the different parts of the HVAC unit, which causes the appliance to work harder than usual. This increases energy consumption, and consequently, electricity bills also shoot up. Faulty parts or periodic maintenance can be causes of friction.


Unusual noises from your HVAC system might be a cause of concern, and ignoring them will only aggravate the problem further. Call for air conditioning repair in Dawsonville, GA, so trained experts can look into the problem and give your system a good tune-up.

If you see any of these issues, it is time to call for HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA. Lakeside Heating & Air, with its team of skilled professionals, has been providing tune-up services to North Atlanta for over 40 years. They provide a wide range of HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services at the best possible price.

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