If the Air Conditioner Is Making You Cough, Do You Need Repairs?

If the Air Conditioner Is Making You Cough, Do You Need Repairs?

During the hot summer months, air conditioning may be an incredible blessing. The truth is that having the AC on all the time can sometimes make us feel less than extraordinary; it might give us a sore throat or even bring on a persistent cough.

Why do you cough when the AC is running in normal mode?

Low humidity

While cooling the air, air conditioners also remove humidity from the atmosphere. This is usually a good thing because summers frequently bring excessive humidity, making breathing difficult for some people. Conversely, if humidity levels are particularly low, or if you are more sensitive to low humidity than other people, this deficiency in humidity may cause you to cough dryly.

What you can do: You can raise the humidity level in your house slightly. The ideal indoor humidity ranges from 30 to 50%.

Dirty Air Conditioner filters

If your air conditioner is cycling dust back into your home or if mold and bacteria are developing in its filter, it may also cause you to cough. According to AC repair  in Dawsonville, GA, clogged air filters might support bacteria or mold growth. Your air quality could significantly worsen, which could also make you cough.

What you can do: Purchasing a higher-quality HEPA filter might also benefit those with breathing problems or a history of respiratory illnesses.

Leaky Air Conditioners

AC is designed to drain the water from a drainage pipe after removing moisture from the air. Leaks, blockages, and other issues could cause the water to come back into your house.

Your indoor air quality may suffer if this puddle of water promotes the growth of mold or germs. Additionally, it may cause your home’s humidity levels to rise. Your cough may be a result of either problem.

What you can do: Call a specialist as soon as you find that your device is leaking.

If you feel that your AC is making you cough, it is time to consider AC repair, as postponing it will only worsen the problem. Contact Lakeside Heating & Air at 770-654-6641 or send us an email for HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA.