Noisy HVAC System? 3 Sounds To Never Ignore

Noisy HVAC System? 3 Sounds To Never Ignore

Do you hear strange sounds coming from your HVAC system? These noises might seem coincidental, given that Halloween is just around the corner. Your home is not haunted, so don’t be alarmed. Your HVAC system is probably only attempting to inform you about potential issues it might be facing

Top 3 noises your HVAC system makes that you should never ignore.


A rattling sound might indicate nothing or anything. Despite this, you should never disregard the sound from your HVAC system. Usually, there are two causes of rattles inside your furnace. A rattle may indicate the following conditions:

  • Your HVAC system’s loose panel or screw is typically simple to fix. Even while you should get it looked at quickly, it usually won’t endanger you or your family’s safety. On the contrary, it can be a far more risky situation.
  • Carbon monoxide can enter your house through faulty heat exchangers, which can be fatal. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, whether a simple loose panel or your heat exchanger. Therefore, if you notice this noise, contact your neighborhood HVAC specialists for HVAC repair in Dawsonville, GA.


A loud boom that resembles a gunshot can be unsettling and worrisome. A booming noise is often a sign that the system has accumulated gas. You should never ignore this noise since doing so might cause your heat exchanger to fracture. The furnace might be entirely burned out if the heat exchanger fractures.

Whining or squealing

A whimpering or squealing sound might indicate that your blower belt is probably to blame if you hear this noise from your HVAC system. It could become more loose or misaligned due to wear and tear accumulating over time. Your HVAC specialist will be able to assist you in solving the issue either way.

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